Increase Download Sales With Sample Files

Everyone loves a free sample, so why not enhance your sales on PayLoadz with product samples? It is no secret that product samples can only help your sales when offered. Though you need to get the word out about your virtual goods and work as hard as possible to ensure that people know what you have to offer, the product itself is often its own best salesman. Obviously we don’t mean that your product without all the hard work will magically sell itself, but the impression, atmosphere, and tools you give it all contribute to your success.

This is why product samples are so important, especially for virtual goods. Regardless of the cost of your product and what you put into your marketing efforts, product samples are usually the most cost-effective selling method out there, and have been for years. Think back to the days of door-to-door salesmen – didn’t they always have a product sample with them? The principle behind that strategy has not and will not change, regardless of technology!

It really doesn’t matter what type of product you sell in order to use a sample to get your foot in potential clients’ doors. Samples can be applied to anything and is especially useful for digital goods. Many customers would like to see what you’re offering and to test the download waters. Are there glitches? Is the software or file compatible with their computer system? Samples can answer all sorts of questions right off the bat.

One of the main draws of using product samples is that your whole advertising campaign can change. Once you offer free product samples, you can use the word “free” in your ads. Free stuff always brings in readers and visitors. That’s the hook – free samples. Go ahead and reel them in with your awesome products!

Offering product samples gets action. Just with a great title and description, a shopper may not be ready to commit to becoming a buyer. Throw a sample into the mix and you’ve got someone who is ready to learn a little more about your product. He or she will order the sample, download it, and won’t be able to move on without testing it out. This is a great way to spread the word about your product and gain new clients.

Product samples aren’t expensive to offer and will end up increasing your sales and overall investment in the long run. You can offer free downloads, product sample files, or a combination of both through the PayLoadz system. You can also use discount codes to those who have sampled your product for the full version. The possibilities are endless. In fact, PayLoadz makes it incredibly easy to set up a sampleoffer discounts and free downloads. We encourage you to be creative with using product samples when selling your goods.


Tips for Selling Virtual Goods on PayLoadz

One of the best and easiest ways to increase your sales and spread the reach of your product is to sell your product online. An even better way to achieve this goal is to sell digital goods, and that’s where PayLoadz comes in. PayLoadz can help you build your online business, increase your profits, boost your sales, and strengthen your bottom line.

The sale of digital items can be extremely profitable. There is no inventory to store, no postage costs, and very little overhead. This means you can make a lot of money without spending a significant amount. However, it does not happen overnight. Using PayLoadz is definitely a way to help boost your online business, and we thought we’d offer up some useful tips to help you make the most of our services.

1 – Use the PayLoadz Store

Always remember that the more venues in which you offer your product the more sales you will have. So, in addition to eBay, your own website, affiliates, and other online auction venues, the PayLoadz Store is a viable option. Our store allows for customers to search for, find your digital goods, and check out all in a few simple steps.

2 – Take Advantage of the PayLoadz Affiliate Program

Everyone could use a little bonus. Think of our affiliate program as a bonus system. When you join the program you can earn a little extra cash by promoting other PayLoadz members’ products while they do the same for you. Remember, PayLoadz Affiliate members will also promote your products for a conversion fee. It works out great for each party involved.

3 – Offer Sample Downloads

Since all of the products we offer on PayLoadz are digital items, it is usually pretty easy for merchants to offer samples of the products they offer for download. A sample will allow potential customers to test out your product and familiarize themselves with it. If they like it, they will be more likely to make the purchase. PayLoadz allows sample of video and audio files to be created for the buyer to view.

4 – Allow Subscriptions

Many times, virtual goods can be upgraded. If your digital products are the types that are frequently updated with improvements, you may want to offer customers the option for a subscription. This will allow them to purchase upgrades, tie-ins, and expansion packs quickly and easily. It can save customers money and keep them loyal to you.

5 – Use PayLoadz GoLinks

PayLoadz GoLinks are ideal for merchants that don’t actually have their own website but can be used by those that do as well. PayLoadz GoLinks are simple pieces of HTML code that you can place on almost any location online that when clicked will direct the visitor to the PayLoadz page for your product. These can be placed in emails, forum signatures, chat rooms, and just about anywhere else you can place a link!

6 – Offer Discounts

You can offer discounts on products using PayLoadz. We provide several types of discount options such as Discount Code Flat Fee, Number of Items Flat Fee Discount, Number of Items Percentage Discount etc.

7 – Use Featured Listing

Featured Listings for your products provide more exposure for your products in PayLoadz store. As for performance, Featured products outsell the normal ones by three times providing great value for your investment in Featured Listings.

Why Do People Buy Virtual Goods?

There are different reasons why people buy virtual goods online. The virtual goods market is broadening and therefore the availability, features, and attributes, in addition to the types of products being offered, is constantly changing. Virtual goods have functional attributes, hedonic attributes, and social attributes. Who your customers are will determine their shopping patterns. This is true for any industry, not just virtual goods.

Virtual goods with functional attributes typically include digital files such as business software, educational e-books, and instruction manuals. These types of products may help the performance levels of a buyer’s job, business, or education. Buyers interested in functional virtual goods are those looking for something that will help achieve a certain goal either in daily life or business.

If shoppers are interested in virtual goods with hedonic attributes, they are looking for something with entertainment value. For example, online gamers may shop for virtual currency for their game of choice to progress through the game levels. Other hedonic attributes might include digital items that are simply aesthetically pleasing (like screen savers and art), fictionalized e-books, movies, and music. These types of digital products are for fun and may not have any real value as far as functionality goes.

Some shoppers are interested in virtual goods with social attributes. With the advent of social networking sites and communities like MySpace, FaceBook, and Twitter, virtual goods with social functions have become quite popular. Such virtual goods might include those that make cultural references (for holidays, social groups, etc.), digital products offered for branding by real-world companies, and other applications. Many smart-phone and computer applications are virtual goods with purely social purposes.

While we haven’t given you an exhaustive list of reasons why people buy virtual goods, we hope we’ve given you a good overview. As you can see, the reasons go beyond just useful or fun, and can meet needs in between. Customers will shop for different virtual goods based on their personal finance, social interests, and functional needs.

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How to Use Keywords Effectively to Increase Sales of Virtual Goods

If you don’t know how to use keywords effectively, you’ll definitely have a hard time succeeding in the virtual goods market or any online business. Keywords are an essential aspect of search engine optimization and online marketing. They not only play a key role in the success or failure of your website but also your sales through online gateways, platforms, and e-stores.

With the right choice in keywords, you will enjoy high sales. The right keywords will draw in more traffic, and the more traffic you have the more sales conversions you will enjoy. And you know the more sales you have, the more money you make! The keywords you choose will definitely affect how many customers are able to find and purchase your virtual goods through our store.

When selecting keywords for your product do a little research to ensure that you find the perfect match. One thing to keep in mind is that keywords should be relevant to your product and logical. For example, if you’re selling a digital download of accounting software, the keyword “puppies” wouldn’t help you out much! Additionally, keywords don’t have to be single words, they can be phrases. Detailed keywords can be quite helpful.

Once you’ve decided on the best keywords for your product, go ahead and make sure you use them in the title and description of that product. This will ensure that customers will land on your product pages when conducting a search. However, it is important not to stuff your titles and descriptions with the keywords. Everything should read naturally, as if a human wrote it, not as if there is just a string of relevant words.

To review, here are some keyword tips:

  • Research keywords before listing your products – make sure they are all relevant.
  • Organize your listings to match your keywords and phrases.
  • Don’t stuff your titles and descriptions with keywords – make it logical and easy to read.
  • Try out a variety of keywords and phrases.
  • Write the titles and descriptions for the humans and not search engines; search engines will themselves take care of the rest.

You will quickly come to find that keywords alone won’t boost your sales, but using the right ones will definitely help.  Offering product samples and download trials, including product images, and well organized listing pages are all ways to help boost sales along with using keywords effectively.

Remember, customers will search online based on what they need or want. Today, many online shoppers are quite savvy in searching, so they will type in exactly what they are looking for rather than just browsing through various websites. This means that without effective keywords, these shoppers may never come across your products. Use the information above to avoid this and boost your sales!

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Increase Your Digital Downloads Sales with Descriptive Titles

To be able to increase the sales of your digital downloads, you need to think about how you list your products and the descriptions you offer. In today’s economy, who wants to spend their hard-earned money without knowing what they’re actually getting? The answer is: not many people.

This is where descriptive titles make you a stronger seller. You want to encourage new buyers to lay their money down and take your product home. Descriptive titles help enhance your product listings. Sure, you already have a product image and bold lettering but there’s more you can do. Try these tips out and see if your sales don’t increase noticeably.

So what makes a title descriptive enough!

First of all, you should know by now that selling products online is all about search. Potential buyers look for products using search engines as well as the search on websites. Make sure that the product titles have just the right keywords so that they appear in the results when shoppers search for them. Think of yourself searching for the same product on the Internet and the keyword or phrase that you would enter in the search box to find that product. That keyword should be a part of your title.

Secondly, the title should explain what the product is all about. While using right keywords may help show your product in search engines; people may still not click on the link because the title may not be telling the whole story about the product. For eg: the ebook titles ‘How to stop snoring’ and ‘How to stop snoring without surgery’ use the appropriate keyword ‘stop snoring’; however, the latter explains the content of the ebook better. This is what makes it a more descriptive title. Remember, the more descriptive and accurate the title, the more potential the listing has for buyers to click it and check out your product.

Another thing to remember is that spelling counts! Spelling is so important because as buyers search for your products they will be typing particular keywords and phrases into the search tool. This means that if your product’s title contains misspelled words, your listing may not be displayed! Always double check the spelling before you list an item. If you think any of your titles may have misspelled words, go back and make edits!

Just remember, the more descriptive you are in your product title, the more clicks you will receive. A higher number of clicks to your listing will translate into a higher number of sales, which always helps your bottom line and profits! Using descriptive and accurate titles gives shoppers an idea of what they are purchasing. No smart shopper spends their money blindly – remember that and you’re on your way to lots of success!

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Why Product Images are Useful for Downloads

Did you know that text and images stimulate different parts of the brain? When you think about it that probably seems pretty obvious. When you have a section of text, it is vibrant and chronological which means that it takes a certain amount of time in order to explain or understand it. In contrast, images can be understood quite quickly, within a matter of seconds. This is why it is so important to use product images when you list your digital goods for sale.

The Internet has become an integral part of daily life. We get our news online, we stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues, and we do a significant amount of shopping on the World Wide Web. Because we are so connected, images have quickly become a huge part of any online experience. Shopping online is a total experience, so why lose customers because your product listings lack images? Here are some general advantages to using product images:

  • Product images give the customer an idea of what they’re paying for.
  • Product images allow the customer to visualize the product description quickly.
  • People recognize images quicker than text so the product image will be the first thing that attracts your customers. The description comes second.
  • People love examples and samples of what they’re buying. Images achieve this perfectly in the virtual goods industry.

However, you do need to remember that using an image is only part of the entire product package. Because you’re selling virtual goods, the image you choose is the only visual representation of your product. This means choosing a relevant and good-quality image. With virtual goods, you may choose an image of the physical package of your product, if one exists. The image may also be a screenshot of one of your samples. What you sell will determine the type of image, but just remember to use the most relevant and best quality possible.

Listing your products online will definitely help boost your sales. But listing your product alone with text only won’t do the trick. Take in mind what we’ve just shared with you regarding product images and make some changes. We guarantee you’ll notice the difference.

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Top Reasons Why People Buy Virtual Goods

In recent years, the virtual goods industry has become one of the biggest money makers worldwide. There is no escaping the fact that consumers are now buying virtual goods of all kinds.  Even in economic downtimes, which we are currently experiencing, it is shown that virtual goods are a hot commodity. This is actually both an economic and cultural phenomenon.

So, why is it that so many people continue to buy virtual goods, even when they are spending less and less money on other products? We’re going to take a look at why people buy virtual goods to make this a little easier to understand.

Virtual goods are sold in four main arenas, though these are not the only venues for virtual goods. Social networking communities, games, online dating sites, and virtual worlds are the four primary places in which virtual goods are bought and sold. In recent years, a new paradigm has been created – one in which these goods have increased in value.

One value, or benefit, of owning virtual goods is to help you stand out from the crowd. This means it affects your status either professionally or socially. Tangible goods that help adjust our status might include clothing, accessories, cars, and other objects. The same thing goes for virtual goods – what you have will help define who you are. Online behavior is amplified which means virtual goods are almost a necessity.

Virtual goods don’t have international boundaries, custom issues etc and the reach is really worldwide. The durability of virtual goods is another factor that has an effect on their popularity. Virtual goods never wear out unlike their physical counterparts; for example, an ebook will never wear out whereas its print counterpart will.

Buying virtual goods can also help you express yourself as they can help you socialize. There are plenty of ways that you can socialize – meet a friend for lunch, talk on the phone, host a party, or even chat online. However, socializing online is a bit different than in person. Virtual goods help you achieve this goal. By buying a virtual good, perhaps a digital music file, you could host it on your personal home page to express yourself.

If you want to gain advantage, usually in different gaming experiences, virtual goods can help. These are digital objects that can help you reach a certain goal; sometimes this goal is conquering a computer game or surpassing another player. Just think of all the online games that you have heard of in which players buy and sell cheat codes and level advancements.

There are other reasons that people buy virtual goods, of course. In the business world, many people may purchase software to advance their business or protect their computers. There is virtually no end to the list of digital goods out there – just take a look at any virtual goods store to get an idea of what’s available. Basically, if you need a particular virtual good, it is probably out there – or better yet, why not develop and sell digital downloads yourself?